The straw Tower Design Challenge By Dom:)

The Straw Tower Challenge

In class we had to pick a partner and build a tower that free stood out of limited items: 6 straws, 2 pieces of blutac, a 10 cm long bit of sticky tape and some scissors. And we were not allowed to stick the tower to the floor and use the scissors as part of our tower.

First we did a plan. We did heaps of designs but the one we ended up doing was this one:

I know, it is pretty sweet and all but it was only 47cm! The tallest was Nelson’s and Joey’s which was 97cm tall!!


Swimming has already started.  It started on the 10th of October it is going to keep going until 20th of October.

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXITED! Tomorrow (Friday) is going to be so much fun and of course today too! Today is the day where we wear clothes into the pool. We have to do freestyle, backstroke, survival backstroke and a whole lot more. At the end, we have to take off our clothes in the water! However, we have to be treading water while we take off our clothes.

Ok, it was SOOOOOOOO much fun! And the good news was we did not have to be treading water while we took off our clothes! Yay! We had to do one lap of freestyle and about three or four.

On the last day of swimming, it was a fun day and I went on the floaty three times yay! I fell off one time but the other times were good. The last time was my favorite because I was about to fall off the floaty but I grabbed on and stayed up on it. Once you got on there was an obstacle where there were lots of these rubber things and you have to go around or through them. Then there was a big rubber thing and then there was a slide yay! Then we went back to school.

Eamon’s swimming post

My swimming post

We have been swimming since the 10/10 and it ends on the 20/10. I am in the 3rd best group in the big pool. My group has been learning: sculling, backstroke, survival backstroke, freestyle, dolphin kick, dolphin dive and breaststroke. I have enjoyed doing survival backstroke and freestyle the most.

On the last day, it was AWESOME! There was this massive inflatable thingy that you had to first go over a blue line thing. Then a yellow lump, then through a tunnel. And then a yellow lump again, then a massive bowl on it. You had to go over, then down a slide, I did it twice than once more because I was the last person on it. 🏊🏊🏊😎😎😎

Dom’s Boring Holiday

My BORING Holiday

My holidays were not that interesting, but if you like boring things then keep reading. If not, close the page, shut down your computer and play outside.

Today I woke with an astonishing groan. “ARGGG!” I sounded like a grizzly bear eating its prey but finding a bone in it and biting it. I had a bad feeling about this. And boy was I right! Not that I was excited or anything.

My morning went off to an awkward start. I didn’t have breakfast until 1.30 pm and all I did that morning was play video games on my iPad. I was beating my high score until my ANNOYING MONSTER of a sister burst in saying there was no toilet paper in the bathroom and mum was – um… doing her business. “GO AWAY!” Too late. I already had no chance of beating my high score. “YOU VILE, STUPID, SELFISH BRAT!” That is not what I said but was what I would have said if mum wasn’t in the house! I did, however, say “YOU MADE ME LOSE! MISSION COMMAND GAVE ME ONE, FINAL QUEST AND I FAILED!” She said, “Your stupid game does not bother me! I just reached the 96th checkpoint in my obstacle course on my iPad!” I did not say anything, I had already restarted and successfully completed my mission.

This went on over and over the next few days until, Friday, a public holiday, came around. We were doing our normal stuff until around midday, when mum said, “C’mon we are going to the zoo!” We cycled there and my dad had brought sandwiches. So we didn’t need to spend our money on the cafes. I had a mayonnaise, chicken and iceberg lettuce in my sandwich. Yummy! I saw the lemurs, the elephants, lions, wild dogs, just to name a few. Then we went home.

See, only two BIG things were in my holidays. I could name all the minor things, but that would take me- let’s see, umm… a long time. I am not that good at maths, anyway. I guess that’s all I needed to say. Goodbye!

Camp In The Forest… – Dom


I hopped on Bus 2 throwing my luggage on the bus behind. We were going on camp! I was excited on the Bus, also bored but luckily, my friend Lynn Htet was sitting next to me and we made up funny raps about people eating lawn mowers and stuff like that.

It took about one and a half hours to get there but to me it felt about 5 hours! But we eventually did get there and drove up the dirt road past the soon to be used rope course and ‘leap of faith.’ When we pulled in the parking lot and collected our luggage we carelessly plonked our stuff down, keeping our backpacks with us.

We walked down the stairs and were told the camp rules and assigned our groups. Then, one by one, our groups assembled in the leadership centre where we ate lunch, which was burgers by the way. Anyway, I was sitting outside eating my delicious burger, which was made of a delicious patty, crunchy iceberg lettuce topped with a sticky, red tomato ketchup. Scrumptious. We heard music, which was meant to call us back to the leadership centre. We lined up in groups, and as we got assigned group leaders, I heard two birds fly past. As we walked  to our first activity  I overheard the other group behind us say- “They’re jumping off a telephone pole!” My first thought was- “Great, 10 out of 10 Dom, unlucky again.” Then we saw it, the leap of faith…

I was shocked, amazed, Roald Dahl would say: “Frogs wallop!” Yeah you get the point. It was high, VERY HIGH. TOO HIGH. Too high to handle. I thought I was going to vomit in amazement. And now it was MY TURN. As I walked nervously up to the harness, which, phew, was there, I thought, why did I return the permission slip, why? Anyway, I got slipped in, walked to the ladder, which was, unsafely, held up by only a skinny little pole and a person. I stepped up onto the first metal rung, then the second, then the third etc. I had made it, where to though you ask? Oh, ONLY THE FLAMIN’ TOP OF THE COURSE BABY! Plus, I stood up! The rest was an extremely scary blur. I jumped, that’s all I can say. I jumped. I landed. I felt good, really good. Next, I went down to pull off my harness. Then I swapped with someone and started belaying. It was tough, yet fun.

After that we had dinner, delicious. Then we went to bed, in our noisy little cabins, where we talked and talked and talked. About what? Our lives, our tiny lives.  I was placed in a cabin with Leo. H, Zach. D and Charles. D. I cannot believe I actually slept that night!

When I got up it was 6:30 and boy was I hyped! There was no point in getting back to sleep so I started to get up for the day. Clothes on, teeth brushed, hair brushed, play Gaga- wait you don’t usually play Gaga at 7:00 in the morning! Gaga is a game where you hit the ball at people below the waist to get them out. Once you get out you don’t get back in until the next round, so you just watch outside of the court. Gaga starts when somebody chucks the ball in the air, on the first bounce you say ‘Ga!’ the second bounce you say ‘Ga!’ and the last bounce you say ‘GO!’ and the game starts. I came third! Yay!

I loved camp! It was awesome!