The day was great when cross country came along. Shar invited some parents to help. I only knew one of them and it was Satchiko.

When Cross country was about to start I felt hyper but nervous and excited. It was weird. When the race started I was okay and felt like it was fun. I was near the front when I started but then I came near last. I made it to two laps and came along to the third but that’s when things went uncontrollably wrong. I felt like I was sick so I had to walk.  

I came thirty sixth and was incredibly exhausted. I had to take two water bottles; WATER BOTTLES.

It was time for library.  CREATED by Lynn Htet  



In 100 years, school would be like…

There would be a new principal. There would be tall and new buildings. There would be big computers. The canteen would be open. In the canteen, there would be a washing machine and the kids can stay all night in after school care. The canteen will have desert. There will be a jazz and singing class. We would have lots of homework. We would have dinner at the school. There would be a game table with game boards on it. We would have different music. We would have lots more room in the school and lots more teachers. There would be more solar panels .We will eat on a big table.

The Fete-amelie

        The fete

When it was time for the fete I did not go home after school. I went straight to the fete. I went  to the handmade shop. I went to the handmade shop because my mum was on the handmade shop. I go my money from my mum and off I went.

I went to the lucky dip shop with my little sister. I got her a lucky dip. My little sister got pens. I did not get one. When I came back later, I got a lucky dip.  In my lucky dip I got a got note pad and a pen. I like my lucky dip a lot.

I went to get a slushy.  I walked over to the shop. I got a raspberry one.

I went over to the by kids 4 kids. I asked Sharon what time it was. She said it was 4:28 oh no it was my turn in 2 minutes.   I did not know where my partner was.   She needed to get to busking. I sold lots of bracelest and necklaces. When my partner got back we sold even more than before.

When my time was up I went to the lucky bags.

I went to the BBQ and got food. I went to find my friend. Me and my friend went to the disco  . it was very fun. I went home.

The Fete-Rainbow

The fete was held on 24th of February. I was very excited when the bell rang. I put on my bright green wristband and ran heading to the Fete on the big oval. There were loads of stores and fun rides.

I first went on the Jurassic Adventure, it is a giant trampoline based on Jurassic, when there were dinosaurs. I jumped on and I went really high. Then I climbed the volcano, it was an inflatable rock-climbing volcano, so I could get up on huge volcano quickly. I saw a smooth inflatable slide, so I carefully found a perfect position and I went down. The dinosaurs were wiggling around, there were inflatable dinosaur boats and inflatable dinosaurs. Though the entrance, there were big, spiky teeth. They were taller than I was. After when the time was out, we walked off and the next group went on. I was thinking what I should do next.

Next, I decided to go on the sizzler. There was a big queue of people lining up. The sizzler was not moving. How strange! I decided to go to do something else and I thought and looked right. I saw the giant yellow slide as if it was waiting for me. I ran as fast as I could. The wind felt strong as I ran, it blew against my skin.

The giant slide was right next to me when I arrived. Yi Quong (our school’s Chinese teacher) asked me to go with her son on the big slide. I went with him and we were lifted though the sky. The cool breeze was on my skin, we were closer to the grey sky by each step on the stairs. When we reached the top of the big, yellow slide, I could see the bottom of the grassy ground. People went by, loud noises were at the police car (REAL POLICE CAR), and stores had people making a big, straight line. I looked down; I pulled a brown, crumbly sack on the slide. I zoomed down and I was as fast as a bullet. The wind felt strong as I rushed down. Before long, I could see I was close to the ground. I slowed down and I was on top of the slide and ground. I got off quickly because someone was behind me sliding as fast as a bullet, just like me. Yi Quong’s son and I went more than quadruple times.

I had great fun at the fete, I had a hot dog, and it was delicious. I wondered around the big second-hand market in the hall. Rachel (my friend) brought me a lucky bag, in the lucky bag, there were even Shopkins and a ticket for free face painting. I don’t like face painting, so I gave it to Rachel and Rachel gave it to Ryan (Rachel’s little brother). Ryan chose a shark face paint, it was cool and scary at the same time.

Rachel’s mum asked to buy a coffee. Rachel took her wallet and we ran to the coffee shop. Davis’s dad was selling hot drinks, there were hot chocolate, coffee and other drinks. I know Davis because he played with me at the picnic at our school. Once the coffee was finished, Rachel and I rushed back to the tiny table, where our mums were sitting.

We saw the by kids, for kids store. There were grade 5’s selling homemade slime (not slimy). Rachel, Ryan and I came to check it out. There slime was expensive. They kept on making it cheaper by calling out what it costs. Soon, it was only a few cents, Ryan got convinced and asked his mum to give him some cents. Then Ryan bought a packet of slime that is not slimy.

We were about to go home. The sky was pink because it was nearly night. It was a little sad to say goodbye.

The fete was awesome! I had a great time. I now have to wait for another year before I can go to a fete in 2018!



The Fete by Ethan


The fete was practically the best thing ever, but I did not get a wristband because it was LEGITIMATELY 35 DOLLARS! In addition, they used to be only $25, which was ok, but I only got one ticket.

I used it to go to the bounce house. It was absolute chaos. Everyone was jumping around hitting each other with inflated toys and it was literally chaos. But soon enough it was over so I went on to get some food. I got a coke and a sausage.

I went to the hall where the second hand market was and I bought some random junk and stuffed toys. I watched the busking and stuff. I watched until the very end and guess what? It was really good. I wish I could record it but nope, I didn’t bring my iPad.

After the busking I went outside and got another bread and left.

The Last Assembly By Abbey!


We all had a little surprise for Louise. As the music played everybody raced to the hall. At assembly we were getting some more news about the school.

When everybody was sitting down we all sang the national anthem. Then Louise came out and said some things. Then she said how sad she was to leave.

“Soon the surprise will begin” I thought. Just then the screen came down and it had a lot of pictures of Louise with other people. Louise looked very happy but in my head I knew there was more to come.

Then the school government came out and she said a lot of things about Louise because she has done so much for our school.

Now for my favourite bit, me and some friends came out and sang a song about Louise. It was so much fun. Louise looked so happy!




HIP HIP HOORAY! The fete is today I thought as the bell went (with my luck I will be out last).

As soon as we are let out, I decide to make a run for the slushies before they run out. Only when I was halfway to the slushy stand I realised I did not have my wallet. I ran back quickly to the bag drop and got my wallet. I ran back to the slushy stand. The line was very short so it was quick. When I got my slushy, I decided to find my friends that I was going to meet up with.

As I met up with my friends, they told me to meet at the garden. They came with their slushies’ and we drank the slushies and talked about upcoming events and what else we could do at the fete. We took a short cut back to the oval through the second hand market. Then we went on the giant slide a couple of times, and eventually we got off and got hot dogs.

After we devoured our hot dogs, I went to find my mum and check out the lucky bag stall. Lachie.m told me that he had by kids for kids at 4:30.

When Lachie.m started by kids for kids me, Eamon and Dylan all had a go of his game where you throw a ball onto a target and you get points for each throw depending how close you are to the centre just like a dartboard. I did really well and got just over 500 points so I got to have two prizes. I chose to get a wiz-fizz and a comic that one of Lachie’s friends made.

Then I found Joey and started walking around with him and talking. Then we went to Joey’s dad and tried to organise a time to hang out with Joey.

10 minutes later, I was on the fake grass with Harry and his dad playing down ball. Then Joey came and played for a little bit and then Joey had to go home.

5 minutes after my mum came and told me that we had to go home.

It was very fun.

The Fete by hanaini


The fete was the best but the cha cha did not work boohoo! The first thing I went on was the jumping castle and guess what?

 I found a 2-dollar coin yay!

 After the jumping castle I went to the stall where one of my friend’s mum worked to get a bright pink hair feather and one of my friends got one too.

 Straight after I went to the hall. I was busking. I think it was bad because I started to laugh- 1 because I saw someone put a coin in the tub and 2 because I saw someone laugh.

 After performing in front of many people, I went outside to play. And, after 2 times on the swinging chairs, I went to see what people at by kids 4 kids were doing. That is when I got a bracelet. After I started to run around to find my friend that was doing by kids 4 kids with me. Then I went to the tennis court to find a red bag that had nail polish for by kids 4 kids for kids.

 Then my bracelet snapped! I had to pick each bead up. It was hard.

 After I went see if the cha cha was working but it was not.  So I went into the disco room (the art room) and started dancing with a group of friends.

 I started to do backbends with one of my friends. Just then one of my friends left the room to get everybody a slushy, and I went out a few minutes later to find her because she took a long time. After looking for at least 3 minutes I found her coming back with her hands full with slushies. I went to help her but she did not need my help. She put the slushies inside then went out to get the rest of the slushies. I went inside and danced for a bit more and later I got bored and left the room. However, a minute later I was back in the room with the others.

 Somehow later I was out of the room and on the swinging chairs with two of my friends.

I went off the ride first and went to see the carnival games. I paid two dollars to play the water game, where if you don’t press the button in time you get squirted somewhere on your body I got squirted in the eye but it didn’t sting luckily.

After it got a little dark, I played with one of my friends on the bars.

After playing for a few minutes we both had to go to check if our mums were still here so we went out looking for them but it was dark so looking for two grownups was really hard.

 We found them both at the handmade store and so we both went back to the bars. After five minutes it was time to go.

I had to go home, but I didn’t want to go home, so I stayed. Then my mum said she would leave me here but I didn’t want to get left behind so I said bye to my friend a went home.

The end 



The Fete-Aoife


The fete was awesome! First, me and Lily got together and had a cupcake and fresh juice.

 I wanted to go and buy stuff but Lily said that we had to go on some rides first. So we went on the bouncy castle.

 We saw Coco and Isi and went on with them. I was so tired after all that jumping and sliding and after that my throat was sore. Next, we went to the awesome second-hand market! I bought a teddy called Cupcake and Lily bought a bunny called Flopsie.

 We were running all over the place because we were about to do busking. We went to do busking and we did three jokes. Coco did the first one, I did the second and Lily did the last. Then we went to get food . . . hot dogs, fairy floss.

 Then lily and me got bucket loads of . . .

Lucky bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got like seven and Lily got like five!

 We signed up for by kids for kids so we had to go back up to our bags and got our stuff. We went to by kids for kids. Only one person got a fan. We got our lucky bag stuff. Loads more people bought stuff. We sold it for one dollar each.