HIP HIP HOORAY! The fete is today I thought as the bell went (with my luck I will be out last).

As soon as we are let out, I decide to make a run for the slushies before they run out. Only when I was halfway to the slushy stand I realised I did not have my wallet. I ran back quickly to the bag drop and got my wallet. I ran back to the slushy stand. The line was very short so it was quick. When I got my slushy, I decided to find my friends that I was going to meet up with.

As I met up with my friends, they told me to meet at the garden. They came with their slushies’ and we drank the slushies and talked about upcoming events and what else we could do at the fete. We took a short cut back to the oval through the second hand market. Then we went on the giant slide a couple of times, and eventually we got off and got hot dogs.

After we devoured our hot dogs, I went to find my mum and check out the lucky bag stall. Lachie.m told me that he had by kids for kids at 4:30.

When Lachie.m started by kids for kids me, Eamon and Dylan all had a go of his game where you throw a ball onto a target and you get points for each throw depending how close you are to the centre just like a dartboard. I did really well and got just over 500 points so I got to have two prizes. I chose to get a wiz-fizz and a comic that one of Lachie’s friends made.

Then I found Joey and started walking around with him and talking. Then we went to Joey’s dad and tried to organise a time to hang out with Joey.

10 minutes later, I was on the fake grass with Harry and his dad playing down ball. Then Joey came and played for a little bit and then Joey had to go home.

5 minutes after my mum came and told me that we had to go home.

It was very fun.

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  1. hi Lenny such a good recount love to see more from you. thanks for the great post hope we can see some more Lenny

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