The Fete-Eamon

THE FETE   DAY🍨!!     

YAY IT’S THE FETE!!! I got my wristband in class then the bell rang. ‘YAY’ everyone screamed.

I ran down the stairs. Then I ran to my mum at the cake stall. She gave me some money.

I tried to find my friends. I did.  We all bought a slushy🍧🍧  each and then we went into the garden and went on the tank and drank our slushy🍧🍧 . They where delicious.

Then we went on the giant slide about maybe 15 times in a row.

Then I lost my friends I looked then I finally saw them and I ran over to them. We all got a hot dog and I got a can of cola I was really happy.Then I went to the cake stall and got a doughnut that was covered in chocolate and sprinkles. I had it and I ate it in like maybe 10 minutes it was delicious.

Then my friends and I went on the jumpy castle you are allowed five minutes then you have to get off. Me and my friends went on the jumping castle about 5 times.

I had two hot dogs and three sausages.  They where delicious!😍😍Then I went home. The fete was really fun!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄




The Small Fun Park-by Hanaini

The small fun park- by Hanaini-in Japan

Omg! The fun park was so much fun!

I went with my grandma and grandpa. My sister came too! And of course I came!

Even though it was really small, there were a lot of rides and they were big. Some of the rides went around the park but it was going around and above the park.

There was a ride that I went on called Pion Pion (means “bounce bounce”). You had to sit on a frog which was the seat and then buckle up. Once you do that the ride will go up into the sky and bounce back down. The ride ended quickly.
Next I went on a ride where you pedal a helicopter on a rail. It was so scary because there was only one small rail and when you turn, it was like you were going to fall. I kept closing my was going above the park and that was very nerve racking. My sister was too small to go on it with me, so I was on my own.My sister went with my grandma. My sister kept shouting out my name because I was going slowly. When I got off the ride, I said this- “well I was scared OK!”
I also went on a boat that went up and around the park, a plane that goes up and down, swans that go around in a pool of water in a cave and I also did some carnival games. I was so bad at it though. I did it two times and I did not win anything. I only got a little box with some lollies in it .On the box it said orange cigarettes. My grandpa said it was chocolate but when I opened the box it was just a stick of sweet stuff. It tasted like orange. I got two boxes of it. In one box it had 5 and the other had 5 too. So I shared it with my sister.

I went on the Jet Coaster before it was time to go. I went on it about 5 times and then we went on a swan ride and a merry go round last.

Minutes later when the ride stopped, we went out of the gate. That was the end of the small fun park.

The Fete by Joey

The fete day by Joey

On Friday, it was the fete. I ran as fast as I could go to trash and treasure so I could get the good stuff first.

After that, I went to the sizzler but I could not go on it for some reason I could not go on the sizzler I do not know why. Therefore, I went on the giant slide instead. I went on the giant slide a couple of times.

And then I went to the hot dog stall, had a hot dog, and ate it quick.

Then I went to the curry stall to meet my mum .I eat some curry and it was great but I did not have much.

  Then I went to the sizzler I still could not go on the sizzler but I still thought I could get a turn on the sizzler .And so I was waiting in the line for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnggggggg time. But I was a bit Wrong  because I knew that it was going to take a long time until it was going to  start so I went on the giant slide instead and when I went on the top of the giant slide I looked down and saw that  they were packing  the sizzler away. So I went on the giant slide instead I went on the giant slide something like 5 times.

 Then I went to my dad’s stall and my dad’s dad drew me and my dad together and it was really funny because my dad had very big bags under his eyes. Then my dad rolled the picture up in some tissue paper and then he put that in a very hard tube but before he did that he spread it, with what  looked like a spray paint but it was actually some kind of spray that stopped carol from smudging.

Then I got a coca cola  Slurpee then once I had finish my Slurpee I went on the giant slide 1000000000000 more times.

Then I went to TRASH AND TREASURE could not find anything interesting there so I met with Morrie and tried to go on the giant slide but I was too late it  had shut down.

Then I had a game of gang up tiggy with Morrie, Meg and all of awe friends Morrie and me won the game! WOOPPY! Then Morrie and me got the spar Fanta and sat down whenever Morrie was about to take a drink some Fanta I would laugh and Morrie had a moth full of and a whole lot of Fanta squirted out of his mouth and that happened another time and it was very funny.

When we had finished our Fanta Morrie and I had to go home, and so we went home and went to bed.

cross country by Ethan

 cross country


I was waiting in the line. I was nervous .Then it was time to go and run. I zoomed to the starting line and I ran and ran and ran. Until I felt a stitch. Then I got slower. I was losing my breath, then I got slower and when I did my last lap I almost collapsed and little did I know, I made it. Then I collapsed at the classroom. I was really proud of myself, even if I got 34th.


the fete by nelson

The Fete

Hip hip hooray today is the fete!

When the bell rang, I sprinted to my bag and to the stairs but only walked briskly down the stairs not wanting to be caught by the teachers. Once I got outside I sprinted to the lucky bag store because my friend’s mum was working there (my parents were at a rock concert). I dropped my bag and ran to the Cha-Cha. When I got to the Cha-Cha there was already a big line. I thought to myself I cannot wait to go on the Cha-Cha! As I waited in line, I saw that the Cha-Cha wasn’t working. People were working on it and we were just waiting and waiting and waiting. By the time the news was out that the Cha-Cha wasn’t working it was already 16:00 O’clock!

So instead of waiting I went and grabbed a slushy, I had all the flavours mixed. Then I went to the hall, to see Leo, my friend, do some busking. After that, I went on the merry-go round with Leo, and got a souvlaki for dinner.

Once I had dinner, I got a big doughnut and went on the giant slide.

At 19:00, I went to the fake grass and played some down ball. Soon after it was home time and because my parents were at a rock concert, I went to Leo’s house for a sleep over.

By: Nelson