The Small Fun Park-by Hanaini

The small fun park- by Hanaini-in Japan

Omg! The fun park was so much fun!

I went with my grandma and grandpa. My sister came too! And of course I came!

Even though it was really small, there were a lot of rides and they were big. Some of the rides went around the park but it was going around and above the park.

There was a ride that I went on called Pion Pion (means “bounce bounce”). You had to sit on a frog which was the seat and then buckle up. Once you do that the ride will go up into the sky and bounce back down. The ride ended quickly.
Next I went on a ride where you pedal a helicopter on a rail. It was so scary because there was only one small rail and when you turn, it was like you were going to fall. I kept closing my was going above the park and that was very nerve racking. My sister was too small to go on it with me, so I was on my own.My sister went with my grandma. My sister kept shouting out my name because I was going slowly. When I got off the ride, I said this- “well I was scared OK!”
I also went on a boat that went up and around the park, a plane that goes up and down, swans that go around in a pool of water in a cave and I also did some carnival games. I was so bad at it though. I did it two times and I did not win anything. I only got a little box with some lollies in it .On the box it said orange cigarettes. My grandpa said it was chocolate but when I opened the box it was just a stick of sweet stuff. It tasted like orange. I got two boxes of it. In one box it had 5 and the other had 5 too. So I shared it with my sister.

I went on the Jet Coaster before it was time to go. I went on it about 5 times and then we went on a swan ride and a merry go round last.

Minutes later when the ride stopped, we went out of the gate. That was the end of the small fun park.

One thought on “The Small Fun Park-by Hanaini

  1. Cathy’s class says:
    “How are you?”
    Nice to hear from you!
    The story was a good one!
    The little fun park sounded like a LOT of fun.
    We have a new student called Mansi.
    What was the name of the fun park?
    Did you do some other things in Japan? Please tell us.
    What kind of food have you been eating?
    Where is the fun park?
    At break time, we used to have loads of fun with you. Come home soon!

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