Dom’s Boring Holiday

My BORING Holiday

My holidays were not that interesting, but if you like boring things then keep reading. If not, close the page, shut down your computer and play outside.

Today I woke with an astonishing groan. “ARGGG!” I sounded like a grizzly bear eating its prey but finding a bone in it and biting it. I had a bad feeling about this. And boy was I right! Not that I was excited or anything.

My morning went off to an awkward start. I didn’t have breakfast until 1.30 pm and all I did that morning was play video games on my iPad. I was beating my high score until my ANNOYING MONSTER of a sister burst in saying there was no toilet paper in the bathroom and mum was – um… doing her business. “GO AWAY!” Too late. I already had no chance of beating my high score. “YOU VILE, STUPID, SELFISH BRAT!” That is not what I said but was what I would have said if mum wasn’t in the house! I did, however, say “YOU MADE ME LOSE! MISSION COMMAND GAVE ME ONE, FINAL QUEST AND I FAILED!” She said, “Your stupid game does not bother me! I just reached the 96th checkpoint in my obstacle course on my iPad!” I did not say anything, I had already restarted and successfully completed my mission.

This went on over and over the next few days until, Friday, a public holiday, came around. We were doing our normal stuff until around midday, when mum said, “C’mon we are going to the zoo!” We cycled there and my dad had brought sandwiches. So we didn’t need to spend our money on the cafes. I had a mayonnaise, chicken and iceberg lettuce in my sandwich. Yummy! I saw the lemurs, the elephants, lions, wild dogs, just to name a few. Then we went home.

See, only two BIG things were in my holidays. I could name all the minor things, but that would take me- let’s see, umm… a long time. I am not that good at maths, anyway. I guess that’s all I needed to say. Goodbye!

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