Dom’s swimming


For two weeks we do swimming as a school, we started two Mondays ago. On the first day, we piled onto the bus, I sat with my best friend Ethan. He got the window seat, we sat near the back next to an empty seat because they had more seats than people did.

We got to the pool at 11.30 and we went through this mind-boggling long test with colour groups and other CRAZY stuff. I eventually was sorted into the Hammerhead sharks group. We were in the medium-sized pool. It was actually connected to the large-sized pool but there was a wall in between that had holes that water ran through to get to the big pool and our pool.

We swam many different strokes in between that time and three days later when we learned a new stroke. On that day, we learned two new strokes called the ‘kick-board stroke waddle’; I called it, and breaststroke. The way you do the so-called ‘waddle’ is that you sit down on top of your kick-board and balance then you do your frog arms to get to the other end of the 25m pool, (take out the wall and it is 50m) if you fall off you get back on and try again from where you are. It is a good way to practice your breaststroke arms.

Breaststroke is when you do your ‘frog kick’ and the ‘frog arms’ together, a bit like an egg beater pushing things out of the way to see the London Eye. It takes a bit of getting used to at first but you get the hang of it.

It went the same for about 5 days when we started this game called ‘Go Fish!’ Basically, if your teacher or instructor says “FISH!” you freeze if you move you’re out and you help judge, but if he/she says “FISHING!” then you duck your head under the water as fast as you can then bring your head back up again. It goes until the last person is left they win. Something we also did on that day was learning the compact jump. What you do is you hold your nose like there is smoke in the air or something you want to breathe in, then you put your other hand on your shoulder. Then you jump, tucking in your legs to kick your back. You have to try to make the least amount of water splash as possible.

On the second last day of swimming, we swam in our clothes and practiced rescues. I also swam 150m! I felt SOOOOO accomplished!

That is all I have to say for now, so anyway BYE!

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