Nesting Boxes by Aoife


Nesting boxes are homes to many animals who which do not have natural homes.


Nesting boxes are made out of wood, plastic and much more other stuff that is good for animals and nature. Many animals come as if they are welcomed into a new home. We make the nesting boxes so that animals can have a new home.


At the sanctuary, we saw heaps of nesting boxes in trees and in wetlands. They are used for birds and possums to have a new home.


In nature, there are other nesting boxes called hollows. Now, those hollows are the reason we have the nesting boxes because the hollows have a cycle. Only trees that are old ( 100 years ) can produce hollows. When there is a strong breeze a branch snaps off and makes a hollow basically.

This nesting box is home to an eastern yellow bird. When a bird enters a nesting box, they declare that it is its home and its property.


A duck can also live in a nesting box because the duck can’t just be on the ground where other animals (predators) will come and eat the duck for its dinner.


At the wildlife sanctuary, we saw heaps of ducks including the black billed buzzard and the mallard. At the sanctuary we saw some nesting boxes on a walk to the wetlands



the tale of the seal who froze – Aoife

The Tale Of The Seal Who Froze

Chapter 1

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a little group of arctic animals: Poly, Silk and Penguinie. Poly was ice-skating, Silk was sewing and Penguinie was playing I spy with her teddies. Then Poly spotted her best friend: Husk. Poly called the others and told them that Husk was coming, and at that very moment, something very odd happened. Husk had glowing red eyes. In addition, he was coming to eat them! Therefore, Poly quickly got the escape pod, got it ready (as they have done it 1 million times) then packed it ready. Soon afterwards, they were all ready, just as Husk reached the camp. In the distance Silk saw, something then froze before she could tell the others. Suddenly Husk was right beside them. Poly was wondering about that then some weird looking animals (humans) got into some flying machine! There were about 3 hundred of them.

Poly and Penguinie became to get nervous. But they did not have time to think about that because the weird looking animals in there flying machine had got their petrol and the engine was sputtering and the flying machine was dipping towards the ground! It was amazing what just happened. Poly found a spare bottle of petrol! Poly was so excited but she should not have been because in the distance they could see some other brutes ganging up on them. Iit was 2 1/2 and 9 billion! Poly was just about to say how they were going, but then they were never going to escape. Ever.

Chapter 2

It was a strange place where they were now. It was battered, in ruins and it had cobwebs wherever anyone’s foot or hand went. Also in the room where they were going it was even worse.

The next day Poly woke up first at 12:00 and woke up Penguinie and thought “Where was Silk ?” So she asked Penguinie, ‘do you know where Silk is?’ Just then when she was going to get the answer the shoot of a gun sounded. They would have to fight for  their lives. Poly found out what they were doing. She crept up on the boss and she was a hero. She saved Penguinie from one of them and took a sword for both her and Penguinie. Then she took a bottle with something in it that looked important to them and the only one. Poly was very excited but the battle was not over yet. There were still hours left, so what could she do?

She only had one thing left, to go up the steps.

When she thought that no-body was looking she crept up the steps, one-step at a time… one-step at a time. When she was nearly at the top, Poly turned around and she saw…

Chapter 3

When Poly tuned around she saw everyone was looking at her! However … they all had glowing eyes even Penguinie.  Just then she saw someone sneaking out the door- Husk. Something was different about him though, “oh” said Poly. She saw that he had no more red eyes.

Later she remembered that, for her dad she had to take a picture of any weird animal. But instead of a camera, she picked out a bottle, a glass bottle. She thought for a second, what the heck! However, after that she remembered that it was for killing the evil enemies. Nevertheless, she put her hand in the other pocket and pulled out a camera to take a photo. But the enemies took it right away and started to play with it. “Stop, stop, STOPPPPPPPP!” said Poly. Everybody looked at her in fright, then she thought it was the chance to speak; “I really think that you should just stop what you are doing because look outside and look what you are doing.”

Everybody walked outside except Penguinie; she just waddled up the steps more.” I think you should not be doing that.” she hesitated for a bit then she spoke “just for a warning!” But Penguinie was out of sight. ”PENGUINIE! Penguinie, Penguinie, Penguinie, Penguinie, Penguinie.” 

I felt something touch my shoulder? What could it be, or who?

Chapter 4

I was wondering when I heard my father calling. It was like a dream at first but then I remembered that the red-eyed people were outside. However, they were not. The red eyed people were following her all along! ‘Oh no!’ thought Poly. Nevertheless, the red-eyed people said to Poly that they were on her team. Poly thought why they would be on her team. However, they were on her team because there were other bad people around that were even more dangerous than they were. All of the bad people had a sword each and the scariest thing that they had was a seal.

 Poly was getting tired because it was getting late, so Poly went to bed on a soft cosy bed that smelt of rotten sandwiches that had been there for years and years. When it was night and everyone was asleep in the castle Poly had a dream about a ghost that was creeping up the stairs to wake Poly up and tell her… ‘Creek! Creek!’ Poly woke up in an instant. It was just like in her dream, Poly thought. However, she did not know that the dream had been sent to her on purpose so the ghost could tell her where Silk was.

Chapter 5

The ghost told Poly that he knew where Silk was. Therefore, Poly asked where she was. THE SHORT VERSION. Therefore, he told Poly this:


“I last saw a silky seal when I was just coming to the tower or castle. (Whatever you call it) Therefore, it was super, scooper terrible. So there was an ice block of some sort and kind of shaped like a seal. Therefore, I went to have a closer look. The seal was still blinking so it was weird. I saw her in the court- yard.”


It was 6:00 when the ghost had finished the story and everyone in the castle was waking up. Poly was trying to think of where Silk would be with the bad people. Since the ghost was there just a few hours ago, Silk would be still in the courtyard with the bad people! What a solution.

So Poly went down the steps and caught sight of a white thing. Something that looked like . . . ‘SILK’ shouted excited Poly. Silk looked at Poly and ran over to her as if she was a wild animal! Poly hugged as if she had never before in her life and was as joyful as a child with an awesome Christmas gift.

Silk could hardly believe her eyes when she saw her two best friends’ right in front of her eyes after she had been in ice for over a week. Poly. Penguinie and Husk made a big surprise party to celebrate the return of Silk.