Eamon’s swimming post

My swimming post

We have been swimming since the 10/10 and it ends on the 20/10. I am in the 3rd best group in the big pool. My group has been learning: sculling, backstroke, survival backstroke, freestyle, dolphin kick, dolphin dive and breaststroke. I have enjoyed doing survival backstroke and freestyle the most.

On the last day, it was AWESOME! There was this massive inflatable thingy that you had to first go over a blue line thing. Then a yellow lump, then through a tunnel. And then a yellow lump again, then a massive bowl on it. You had to go over, then down a slide, I did it twice than once more because I was the last person on it. 🏊🏊🏊😎😎😎

The Fete-Eamon

THE FETE   DAY🍨!!     

YAY IT’S THE FETE!!! I got my wristband in class then the bell rang. ‘YAY’ everyone screamed.

I ran down the stairs. Then I ran to my mum at the cake stall. She gave me some money.

I tried to find my friends. I did.  We all bought a slushy🍧🍧  each and then we went into the garden and went on the tank and drank our slushy🍧🍧 . They where delicious.

Then we went on the giant slide about maybe 15 times in a row.

Then I lost my friends I looked then I finally saw them and I ran over to them. We all got a hot dog and I got a can of cola I was really happy.Then I went to the cake stall and got a doughnut that was covered in chocolate and sprinkles. I had it and I ate it in like maybe 10 minutes it was delicious.

Then my friends and I went on the jumpy castle you are allowed five minutes then you have to get off. Me and my friends went on the jumping castle about 5 times.

I had two hot dogs and three sausages.  They where delicious!😍😍Then I went home. The fete was really fun!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄