Swimming by Ethan.


At the start of swimming, I was very excited and stuff, but the one downside is the worst downside .Which was the bathers; the thing with swimming is that when you have to wait until you can get in the bus you get hot, practically burning in the heat. In addition, you have your bathers underneath and the heat is not getting out.

And guess what? I got in the same group as last time- the ladybugs. I honestly didn’t know why.  But the good thing was I was promoted to the ducks.  It might have been when I was diving pretty deep when we were doing dolphin dive ,but I’m just happy I didn’t have to be in the same group as last time.

In swimming we did breaststroke, backstroke, survival backstroke, freestyle, floating, and probably more stuff that I just forgot.

And the last day was the best one because we got to go do inflatable stuff and they combined the pools together. But the thing was I was in the lower groups. I only went to the small inflatable and I thought it was a bad thing. But it was better because it wasn’t just a giant obstacle course.

It had little things that you could sit and ride on. Since it was hard, everyone was falling off which meant there were more spaces but it was hard to stay on.

But  all in all,  swimming is very, very fun and I love it even though I do not swim very often but I still love it (kinda…).

cross country by Ethan

 cross country


I was waiting in the line. I was nervous .Then it was time to go and run. I zoomed to the starting line and I ran and ran and ran. Until I felt a stitch. Then I got slower. I was losing my breath, then I got slower and when I did my last lap I almost collapsed and little did I know, I made it. Then I collapsed at the classroom. I was really proud of myself, even if I got 34th.