Swimming Post Lynn Htet

Swimming By Lynn Htet

On Tuesday at the start of term Four everybody started swimming. We are going to a swimming pool at Maribyrnong. Since we have go to the bus at 11:15 we miss out on break 1 but we still have lunch and a quick game of memory tigi. I didn’t eat to much because eating too much before you go swimming is bad.


Now was the time we went on the bus and go to swimming. I went to one of the little pools but eventually went up a level. When I went up a level the only person I knew was Lenny H.


The First day wasn’t too bad. My group was called the ducks.


  A few Days Later Ethan came into my group. He said He got into My group because He was speedy. After a day he said my group was a lot harder than his group.


I knew everything our teacher taught us. That is why I keep on shouting the answers to the questions.


When it was the second last day of swimming, we got to do a lap of freestyle. It was easy. After that I went back to the little pool to have my normal lesson. I did some floating and underwater diving and I think freestyle. When it was time to practice the emergency thing we had to go out of the water, I was getting cold. Luckily I went back to the pool 10 seconds later and had a game. When the lesson was done I went to the change and everybody went crazy and shouted really loud. I was Fortunate and got done quickly. Unfortunately I could still hear the screaming