The Water Expo-Nelson

Inquiry Expo

At the expo we made a presentation or a poster to show to the class. I made a presentation on my netbook. It was about water pollution.

Our class had to show our presentations first and there were lots of posts about water pollution. One of my favourites was nine pages long.

the fete by nelson

The Fete

Hip hip hooray today is the fete!

When the bell rang, I sprinted to my bag and to the stairs but only walked briskly down the stairs not wanting to be caught by the teachers. Once I got outside I sprinted to the lucky bag store because my friend’s mum was working there (my parents were at a rock concert). I dropped my bag and ran to the Cha-Cha. When I got to the Cha-Cha there was already a big line. I thought to myself I cannot wait to go on the Cha-Cha! As I waited in line, I saw that the Cha-Cha wasn’t working. People were working on it and we were just waiting and waiting and waiting. By the time the news was out that the Cha-Cha wasn’t working it was already 16:00 O’clock!

So instead of waiting I went and grabbed a slushy, I had all the flavours mixed. Then I went to the hall, to see Leo, my friend, do some busking. After that, I went on the merry-go round with Leo, and got a souvlaki for dinner.

Once I had dinner, I got a big doughnut and went on the giant slide.

At 19:00, I went to the fake grass and played some down ball. Soon after it was home time and because my parents were at a rock concert, I went to Leo’s house for a sleep over.

By: Nelson