The straw Tower Design Challenge By Dom:)

The Straw Tower Challenge

In class we had to pick a partner and build a tower that free stood out of limited items: 6 straws, 2 pieces of blutac, a 10 cm long bit of sticky tape and some scissors. And we were not allowed to stick the tower to the floor and use the scissors as part of our tower.

First we did a plan. We did heaps of designs but the one we ended up doing was this one:

I know, it is pretty sweet and all but it was only 47cm! The tallest was Nelson’s and Joey’s which was 97cm tall!!

The Script

Scene: An old and dusty attic in an abandoned house. Creaky floorboards, broken furniture and cobwebs make the attic quite spooky.

KID 1 – What is this place?

Kid 2 – I don’t know , but it’s really cool!

Kid 3 – I think it’s spooky!

Kid 4 – Yeah, I don’t think we should be snooping around, can we please just get out of here?

Kid 5 – Don’t be such a scaredy cat, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of!

Scary Laughter Sound comes out of nowhere. Everyone runs and jumps of the stage screaming and running around each other in panic……….eventually they calm down.

Kid 1 – Hey look, what’s that?

Kid 3 – Wow it looks like a treasure chest!

Kid 4 – Maybe it’s full of gold and jewels!

Kid 2 – Or maybe it has the shrunken head of a pirate inside!

Kid 3 and 4 look at each other and scream.

Kid 1 – Now you’ve done it!

Kid 5 – Will you cut it out with all the freaky stuff!

Kid 2 – Sorry.

Kid 1 – Let’s open it and have a look.

Kid 3 and 4 – We think that’s a really bad idea!

Kid 5 – Go on then …open it.

Kid 1 – Why don’t you open it?

Kid 5 – No you open it!

Kid 1 – No, you open it!

Kid 5 – No you open it!

Kid 2 – I’ll open it! (Takes box) Turns to audience and says – Will you all please close your eyes because this story is about to get really scary!

Opens box and on stage appear several pirates and a large chicken.

Pirate Captain – Open your eyes me hearties if ya dare to look on the faces of the most fearsome band of pirates ever to sail the seas!

Chicken – buc buc buc buc!

Pirate Captain – And I almost forgot me most trustworthy companion – the chicken!

Chicken – buc buc buc Bucky!

Kid 5 – Aren’t pirates meant to have parrots instead of chickens?

Pirate Captain – Silence! If yer know what’s good for yer!

Pirate 1 – Captain these landlubbers have yer long lost treasure chest!

Pirate 2 – Shall we run them through with our swords?

Pirate 3 – Shall we make them walk the plank?

Pirate 4 – Shall we make them dance for us?

Pirate 5 – Let’s make them sing and dance for us!

All pirates cheering – aye aye!

Pirate Captain – And you call yerself pirates, make them sing and dance indeedy, I never heard such codswallop! Get ’em!

Pirates jump off stage running at treasure chest.
Kids run back screaming. Pirates try to catch kids, but kids keep getting away.









Scary laughter makes them freeze then they hear a creaking door opening and footsteps getting louder……until Zombies appear on stage as Thriller music starts. Zombies dance.

Zombie 1 – What’s in the Box? (leans in to grab box)

Zombie 2 – (laughing) Yes, that’s right, it’s time for  “Hey Zombie, What’s in the Box? “ The show where you get to win a million dollars if you can guess  ….

All shout – What’s in the box?!

Zombie 3– Our first contestant is a pirate who has always wanted to buy her/his very own house boat…..are you ready ?

Pirate – aaaaarrrrgh!

Zombie  2- Remember if you guess what’s in the box you could be walking away with a million dollars, but if you don’t guess correctly then you’ll be facing ……the Zombie Dab!

Zombies  – Zombie Dab! Zombie Dab! Zombie Dab!

Pirate  – Would it be a golden dagger?

Zombie 1 – That is ……..incorrect! Bring on the dab!

Zombie 4- Our next contestant is a kid who wants to donate all of the money to charity.

Zombies  – Ohhhhhhhh.

Zombie 2 –What’s in the box?

Kid – Is it a fidget spinner?

Zombie 1  – That is ……..incorrect! Dab her!

Zombie 5 – And for a final chance to win one million dollars our last contestant is a chicken who just  wants to free range. Everybody say it….

All shout – What’s in the box?

Chicken – Buck buck buck bucky?

Zombie 1 – That is absolutely….incorrect! Dab them all!

One after another there are dramatic deaths from all kids and pirates.

Parent  – Hey kids, it’s time for dinner now. Remember what I said – until everybody has eaten a proper dinner there’ll be no trick or treating!

All shout – Trick or treating ….let’s go! (all run off stage)