Latrobe Wetlands-Zoe

Latrobe wetlands-by Zoë

The frogs of the wetlands

There were three particular frogs at the Latrobe wetlands that we were informed about. Each of them had a special sound. The first sound was pebbles against each other, the next was wood, and then it was like brrruuuuppp buuurrrppp.

Bugs of the wetlands

There are many types of water bugs at the Latrobe wetlands each of them bearing a different look. Everyone got to look at a few water bugs I saw a back swimmer and almost fell backwards. I was so surprised.

My Story of The Fete-Zoe

The Fete

The music went for first break and everyone ran back to their classrooms eager to carry on the learning day. When I got back to my classroom, we went outside to chalk. Afterwards, we all sat down and Judy came along to take a group of kids to help with the fete. Sharon picked yellow group, my group!

I was excited as Judy took us up to the parent we would be helping. She (Catherine) was standing next to a car full of bread. She said we would we would be taking all of it to the staffroom. After the first load, some people went back to the class room but there was still a whole other car full!

We kept taking the bread until it was all at the staff room. Then Catherine asked us to cut it. It was hard telling the different breads apart. Cutting the bread did not turn out so good. Soon she decided that cutting was too hard for us and took us to the oval where the actual fete was being set up YAY. (Not that cutting isn’t helping the actual fete. Just that the oval had rides and stores were being set up.)

 The rest of the day went quite quickly and before I knew it, the bell went and everyone was rushing out to get to the fete. I had tomeett Mum at the little kid’s playground to get my money and wristband. Then I whisked off to to the second hand market to get the sco0ter I really wanted.

Then I stayed in the hall because I was first to do busking. After busking (which was a total disaster) I had to quickly get to by kids 4 kids to sell beaded bracelets. We raised about $ 20. I ended up spending a lot of money and that’s my story of the fete.